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Snow joke….

Cheesy title, I know.  But it was just to get you to check out this cracking little feature on my blog where you can actually make it snow!  Is it snowing yet??  Easily pleased you might say.  You’d be right, because I love snow, fake or otherwise.  It used to snow in Brighton when I were a lad, but not now (rev 18.12.09 – we had 4″ last night!)

I know people whose theologies stretch to praying for parking spaces (ooh, that was harsh!).  Well that prayer doesn’t work in Brighton (highest revenue-generating City for parking in the nation!) …………but I am unashamedly praying for snow!

Actually, it’s the mammouth carbon-footprints (of these exact same people who are trying to park in Brighton) that has put paid to any decent snow in the UK anymore!  They’ve raised the overall global temperature by a degree or two, so all we get is a bit of slush to throw at each other.

I’m always amazed by the fact that each flake is individual and unique from another.  A typical snowflake begins by forming around a speck of dust.  From this unassuming beginning, it grows into a tiny hexagonal prism, just a few microns in size.  The initial symmetry of the snowflake results from the intrinsic molecular structure of ice.

Utterly unique...

As the crystal grows, it’s often blown about in the sky.  The air and temperature around the crystal are constantly changing.  Snowflakes are extremely sensitive, and even a small change in these conditions can lead to different growth patterns.

The final shape of the crystal reflects these growth conditions. The longer the snowflake is blown about in the skies, the more complex the resulting snow crystal.  No two crystals have the same history so they don’t grow in the same way.  As a result, no two have ever been the same, or ever will be.  Amazing!  With my biblical worldview, it motivates me to worship.  Simple as that.

To really appreciate the beauty of snow, try the Alps.  Or leave my blog open on your laptop and enjoy the flurry!

Rather stunning!