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One body, many members…(Part Two)

Part Two   ‘For the body is not one member but many’  (vs. 14)   (click here if you missed Part One)

Paul says that if your foot were to say, ‘I just can’t do all the things the hand does.  It’s so flexible, on the end of that long arm, and it is used all the time.  My toes just aren’t like those fingers; I just can’t do what the hand can do, therefore I really don’t belong in this body’,  it would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?  That does not make the foot any less a part of the body.  The foot is deceiving itself.

The apostle is saying that if you think of yourself as a member of the church, the body of Christ, and you say to yourself, ‘because I can’t stand up and preach or teach or lead a meeting, there is really nothing I can do in this church’,  you are deceiving yourself!  You are still a part of the body.  You have simply shut your eyes and ears to truth.  You need to open them to see the part God has given you.

We must remember, there are no insignificant members of the body.  We all too easily develop the wrong idea that it’s those who lead our churches that have all the gifts.

If the work of the church is to heal the broken-hearted out in the world, to bring deliverance to the captives, to open the eyes of the blind, and to preach the good news to the poor and despairing of heart, then we come to the church to get ready to fulfil it out there!  Without exception, it is clear that there is definitely a part to play for every member.

A vicar once received a letter like this……

Dear Vicar, there are 566 people in our church, 100 are elderly, leaving 466 to do all the work.  80 are youngsters in education, leaving 386 to do all the work, but 150 of these are tired business people, which leaves 236 to do all the work.  150 of these are busy with children, leaving 86 to do all the work.  15 live too far away to be regulars and 69 say they’ve done their bit, which leaves just you and me!  I’m exhausted, so good luck to you!

Everyone’s meant to be involved because God has given gifts to all of us!