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Term 2: Vision & Values…

In Term 1 (Sep-Dec) at CCK Shoreham, we introduced 12 new members to our community. Amazing!

These 12 have said ‘yes’, we are with you in heart, vision & values.  Why is the concept of membership so important to us?

Love this recent post from the guys at @harborchurch in NH, USA  (part of our Newfrontiers family) that goes a long way to summing it up.  Here are some reasons NOT to join us – a bit of reverse psychology (with the truth in brackets!) :

1. If you want religion (This church will be built on the radical gospel of grace).

2. If you’re a consumer wanting to “go to church” 1x a week for a nice show (We are not a Sunday show, we are a community of disciples on a mission).

3. If you’re looking for the next cool thing in town (We want to grow by conversion growth, not church-goer transfer growth).

4. If you’re a Christian and you don’t like your current church (You will find reasons to not like this church).

5. If you have a bad track record at churches of being unteachable and causing problems (You won’t change here, you’ll repeat the pattern).

6. If you have an agenda (We have our vision, our mission, and our values—your private agenda does not supersede them).

7. If you’re a wolf (We will sniff you out).

8. If you think this will be a nice little church that stays the same size, where everybody knows your name and you have my mobile number on speed dial and we have a picnic lunch together every week (By God’s grace, we want to grow).

9. If you think this will be easy and smooth (This will be hard and difficult; this will be a fight, a battle, and a challenging mission).

10. If you want to hold onto your comfortable life (You must lose your life).



Moleskine phenomenon….

Is it just me or has Moleskine made a fabulous comeback?  It seems as though everywhere I look (coffee shops, offices, schools, pubs etc.) I spot these delightfully smart items being used by the modern man or woman about town.

Moleskine is of course the legendary notebook that the European artists and intellectuals who made twentieth-century culture used.  Matisse, Céline, Hemingway, Chatwin and other chaps I know very little about, picked up this tradition and made it famous.

A simple black rectangle pad with squared or lined pages, endleaves held by an elastic band, an inside pocket for loose sheets, a binding in ‘moleskine’ which gives it its name, this trusty, pocket-size traveling companion guarded notes, stories, thoughts and impressions before they were typed up into their trusty laptops.

Chatwin, indeed, used to buy his Moleskines at a Paris stationery shop in Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie.  He always stocked up on them before travelling and once declared, ‘Losing my passport was the least of my worries, losing a Moleskine was a catastrophe’.

In 1986, the last producer, a small family concern in Tours closed down.  Now, the Moleskine is back again, to satisfy the cultural demand once more.  Could this be due to a mutiny against technology?  No, it’s just for folk who are 40-something and not as Mac savvy as the younger generation.

High quality notebook for pastors…

Of course, the other place you will spot a Moleskine notebook is at a Newfrontiers church or conference of some sort.  It perfectly accompanies the standard NF Pastors kit-bag (including a MacBook Pro, iphone and a smart pair of specs).  The Moleskine is indeed fast becoming the essential accessory of 2009.

Just a bit of a leg pull!  Bought one myself recently.  Really nice they are.  So much so, I bought a bulk pack to hand out to my fellow pastors (all of whom are 40-something)…..

Straight arrows…

A former pastor/elder of mine once told me ‘You never wanna be outside the will of God mate…’ (aussie accent required!), and as time marches on those words ring louder and louder in my ears.  Not through a sense of condemnation, but motivated purely from grace extended in my direction.

The truth is, I totally wasted my twenties by being rebelliously outside the will of God for my life.  But, in straightening out my theology, I can now see how despite my path, God did and will still use my own poor choices for His purposes.  Quite a relief!

But where am I going with this?  What have straight arrows gotta do with anything?

In our church (CCK) we have learnt to ‘send’ people to other parts of the UK and to the nations.  I say ‘learnt’ because it doesn’t come naturally to us (to give away our best people), but it is in line with Gods will for us as a church.  He said ‘send’, so we do.  And in doing so, we obey God rather than chasing down our own agendas.  It’s one massive adventure with eternal significance!

My dear friends Jon & Sal Lyndon come from a brood of other fab Lyndons who have made such an impact on the strength of CCK, leaving a great legacy of folk who have been changed by the gospel through their gifts.  And what a gifted couple!  For his young years, Jon is a quality pastor already.  Sally has a complimentary knack of creating order out of chaos……. together a formidable team!

With the Lyndons Senior (Pete & Sue) having left Brighton for Manchester, this family are now ‘scattered’ for the sake of the gospel.  They have been truly ‘sent’.

One memorable and highly significant prophetic word about us as a church suggested that as leaders  ‘…grew straight with genuine integrity, God would cause young shoots to grow between them that would ultimately be cut and sent as arrows to the ends of the earth’.

Jon and Sally have grown straight, under great leadership, and have now been cut, shaped and fired like arrows into Fredericton, Canada.  We miss them, and they leave a gap.  But they are in the will of God and I’m especially proud of them for that.  Let’s face it, they are not that far away to visit (sounds like a holiday destination for sure!) and regular Skyping is a technological blessing.

They have gone to help a Newfrontiers church The Meeting Place  grow and influence Fredericton with the gospel, and they will be a tremendous blessing to the leadership in that place.

So the deal is this.  Do as God asks, and walk in His will.  The leaders at CCK have sent them well…….. and straight arrows always hit the target!

Jon & Sally Lyndon

Jon & Sally Lyndon

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