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Term 2: Vision & Values…

In Term 1 (Sep-Dec) at CCK Shoreham, we introduced 12 new members to our community. Amazing!

These 12 have said ‘yes’, we are with you in heart, vision & values.  Why is the concept of membership so important to us?

Love this recent post from the guys at @harborchurch in NH, USA  (part of our Newfrontiers family) that goes a long way to summing it up.  Here are some reasons NOT to join us – a bit of reverse psychology (with the truth in brackets!) :

1. If you want religion (This church will be built on the radical gospel of grace).

2. If you’re a consumer wanting to “go to church” 1x a week for a nice show (We are not a Sunday show, we are a community of disciples on a mission).

3. If you’re looking for the next cool thing in town (We want to grow by conversion growth, not church-goer transfer growth).

4. If you’re a Christian and you don’t like your current church (You will find reasons to not like this church).

5. If you have a bad track record at churches of being unteachable and causing problems (You won’t change here, you’ll repeat the pattern).

6. If you have an agenda (We have our vision, our mission, and our values—your private agenda does not supersede them).

7. If you’re a wolf (We will sniff you out).

8. If you think this will be a nice little church that stays the same size, where everybody knows your name and you have my mobile number on speed dial and we have a picnic lunch together every week (By God’s grace, we want to grow).

9. If you think this will be easy and smooth (This will be hard and difficult; this will be a fight, a battle, and a challenging mission).

10. If you want to hold onto your comfortable life (You must lose your life).



Multi-Site musings #7…

In one weeks time, set up will be under way for our first Pre-Launch meeting at the Shoreham Centre.  It’s come around so quickly, I can hardly believe it!

At first light, teams of brilliant servers will be moving tech equipment off lorries into the Main Hall (which can squeeze close to 300 people into it), into other rooms to cater for COG’s (our children’s work), and into areas for serving us great coffee & croissants.

Then worship team will get set up, the Connect (Welcome, Host & Point) will hold their positions, looking to engage with all-comers. The magnificent COG’s teams will ready themselves for our little ones.  The whole building will be buzzing with expectation!

Expectation is very high, and although that can seem pretty nerve-racking, I for one have very high expectations of the coming months.

My expectations are NOT that we MUST get it all right, first time and with every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed – that simply won’t happen, but we will aim for it.  We will be ironing out some hefty creases in the early weeks, no doubt about that.  In that respect, let’s see if we can out-do one another in our ‘grace thresholds’.  We are going to need to!

But my expectations are on another plain.  Remembering that we are acting on the initiation of God, His plans and purposes for us as a church as we move to a multisite model.  Jesus building of the church not only fills me with great relief and peace, but reminds me that I can fully expect great things!  After all, he’s the Senior Pastor!

My prayer for all of us this week and many that follow, is that we remember that at it’s heart, multisite is simply FOR the gospel and making Jesus famous in more localities than we are currently reaching.  Where the gospel gets proclaimed (not just through preaching but through everyday life), people will come to know Jesus – simple.

William Carey once said “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.”  We’ve been promised ‘quick fruit’, and expectation is high in light of the gospel.  If you are a CCK’er involved in this adventure, let’s go for it this coming week.  Raise your expectations of a God who is committed to us.

Multi-Site musings #6…

Funny month, August. Everyone is away!  Often Ali and I would be away somewhere warm or relaxing (guaranteeing both can be pricey!),  but this year the horizon looks different.

If I listen real carefully, I can hear the sound of something approaching….. Yes!  The Shoreham Site of Church of Christ the King is coming fast!  As I write this short piece there are 46 days remaining before we publicly launch.  We are putting up a ‘front door’ to the Shoreham, Southwick, Mile Oak, Fishergate, Portslade areas and surrounds, inviting all to meet Jesus.

That’s what we’ve done in the City centre at New England (and will do at the Racecourse in early 2012), and literally hundreds have connected to us this year alone!  This is what we are longing for in the West…….many new people connecting to us and having their lives changed.

As you can imagine, the planning processes for launch are red hot, and may I take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to the dozens of folk who have volunteered for teams and even leadership roles in all areas of church life.

If you’re part of this new Site and thinking, ‘Hang on, I need to get in on the act!’, then great. Look to connect with a Shoreham Sunday team of one sort or another.  We do need you and would love you to serve.  Areas include COG’s, Welcome, Connect, Tech, Set-Up etc.  Or perhaps it’s time for you to step up and lead a Small Group (gulp!).

Finally, a reminder that we have two ‘Pre-Launch’ Sundays (Sept 11th & 18th) where we will effectively ‘do’ church together, with all the teams running, including worship and preaching, just so we get it right on the 25th Sept when we go public.

Bring it on…

Multi-Site musings #5…

Last Sunday was a brilliant picnic time together in our local Shoreham park!  We had around 80 adults (plus voluminous offspring!) munching pork pies and the like.

Just looking around was a real thrill.  It occurred to me that our own Shoreham rabble, much like the early church, must have been a sight of curiousity to onlookers.  The strong community feel is magnetic, and whilst none of us is perfect (or have life sorted) there is a slot for us to fill.

With hospitality being the upcoming theme for the next few weeks at CCK (check the trailer here), let’s continue to work extra hard at being that welcoming, loving community that excludes nobody.

When did you last host a meal, or suggest a pub crawl, or whatever?  In my book, community doesn’t always come naturally to us.  It can be terrifying, or we can feel inadequate or out of place.  That’s why we dont rely on our own strength to pull it off, but trust God for the building of community and all of its challenges.  Go for it!  Kicking off multisite with this in our hearts will bring added steel to the launch of CCK Shoreham, which is now only a matter of weeks away on Sept 25th!

More F.A.T. elders please…

Good title, eh?   No, I’m not making reference to unnecessary waistlines, or to the likely outcome of Easter excesses (ie. lack self-control amidst the feeding frenzy that is ‘Easter’ in our secular culture).

I had a wander around my local M&S today and, boy, there is a lot of choice food-consumption happening!

By FAT I mean Faithful, Available, Teachable.

The world needs more guys that are FAT…….and leading churches for that matter.

Next week we (CCK) have the privilege of appointing three new elders (well, its God who appoints) to the high servanthood role of guiding, guarding and governing.

These men are FAT! 

Here is a link to PJ Smyth’s  excellent paper on eldership…

Don’t eat too many chocolate eggs!

CCK Shoreham – Prayer/Fast Day #3

Top work if you’ve pushed through this far!

In fact, whatever you’ve managed, I’ve really appreciated the act of joint prayer and the sense of togetherness over these few days.  I know many of you have hooked up for mutual encouragement and trust that it’s been of benefit on many levels.

The reality is, the whole church are involved in this next phase of church life.  Retaining our identity as ‘one church’ will have it’s challenges, but we must fight for it.  ‘Strengthening and lengthening’ is what we are doing.

Ok, here is what to go for in prayer today………

~ for God to provide us with the perfect venue that meets all our needs and exceeds our expectations.  This is HUGE!  Please feel every permission to dream!

~ for a great few joint Zone gatherings together (1st one planned for May @ the Ropetackle) 

Thanks for ‘co-labouring’ in this short but valuable fast.  What’s next?  Lots of momentum building between now and the Autumn.  We’ll keep you posted on all the news…

And today?  Keep praying, get to your Zone meeting tonight (Adur or Harbour), enjoy God and each other, and expect Him to speak and show us favour.

It’s what He does for His people!

CCK Shoreham – Prayer/Fast Day #1

This is the first of 3 brief daily posts of encouragement as we pray and fast together for the successful launch of CCK Shoreham in the Autumn, the first new site in our change to becoming a multi-site church.

Fasting is always a challenge to my flesh AND always a blessing to my whole being!  Let me encourage you……….I don’t find this easy at all, but the spiritual discipline of fasting is one which is worth pursuing.

Firstly, what do I mean by fasting?

Spiritually speaking….

~ Fasting must first and foremost be towards God.  Receiving from Him or seeing situations changed are secondary matters.  Check that your motives are right as you enter into your fast.

~ Schedule in time to pray and read the Word.  If you don’t you will miss awesome opportunities to hear from God.

~ Be prepared for opposition!  It comes in surprising forms. It will also come from your own body, which is used to having three meals a day!  You may also find that well meaning friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues etc. will actively encourage you to stop.

~ Expect to hear God in dreams, visions, revelations and through the Word in new and unusual ways.

~ Do not listen to the lie that nothing is happening.  Fasting is a discipline that God has instigated, and He blesses the obedient.

Practically speaking….

~ You need to exercise wisdom.  A ‘water only’ fast is no good if you are doing a physically demanding job during the day.  If this is the case for you, try missing lunch as your ‘fast’, or perhaps just do breakfast instead.

~ If you have any medical conditions, don’t take risks, seek the advice of your GP.

~ By the way, this is not a ‘diet unto the Lord’ either!

Ultimately, we are doing this together as a local people in the Adur & Harbour Zones of CCK and the surrounding area, but the whole church will get behind us as we launch.  Momentum will build.

Let me get to the point. Here’s what to pray for today….

– for yourself, that you would personally know God’s appointment in this challenge together

– for wisdom for the eldership team as we plan & prepare

Enjoy your day……see you tomorrow!