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Fight for it…

Fighting for your ‘men’ is something we chaps are absolutely wired for. (Do read on ladies….you need to know what we are like!).  Just take a brief moment to read this chaps short story.

What can we draw from his experience?  He got awarded the Military Cross for going in to save his mates when all looked lost.  He risked life and limb (and got injured) for his men……..the guys that he’d toiled with, trained with, laughed with, served with.

Let’s not pretend that all situations will measure up to the gravity of this guys experience, but don’t think we can’t draw any parallels.  At CCK we have just launched a third Sunday service.  If you are reading this and consider CCK as your home church, then be like this guy.  (In fact, if you are in any church that is working hard to build an ‘Alternative City’ within a city for Jesus, then apply this to your situation too).

Throw yourself into serving it, get right behind the leadership (and let them know it!), contributing to the ‘life’ of the church.  That means taking responsibility for every aspect (welcome, kids work, admin/tech, meeting participation, pastoral stuff), the whole lot!

Reminds me of ‘David’s Mighty Men’.  Awesome chaps who were right in the scrum for their man David.  Are you right in the scrum for the guys that lead you?

It will cost you something, and you’re bound to take a knock or two.  You certainly won’t get awarded a Military Cross!  But there is immense joy to be had in all this.  There is nothing sweeter than tasting real oneness with folk who are as passionate as you about the same thing.  It was like that for David and his mighty men, and the disciples must have experienced the phenomenal buzz of being on mission with Jesus.

Speaking of which……..Jesus went into the ultimate fight for us, extracting us from certain death, getting a cross of his own in the process from which we all benefit.

Being on mission means you must fight….so fight.