'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'

Story so far…

I’m Matt Davis, married to Ali. I’m Brighton born and bred, and have been part of CCK (Church of Christ The King), Brighton since its inception in the late 70’s.  Completely messed up my 20’s, but following that decade of using and abusing the City, God got a hold of me in the late 90’s and together we’ve been drawn into the most exciting church building scenario possible!

After many years with Amex, Ali now works part time for CCK, operationally serving our elders.  I was a partner in an engineering business for 20 years, giving what time I could to serve the pastoral team.  I joined the eldership in October 2009 which is a phenomenal privilege, and started full-time with CCK in January 2011. We are a church on a mission to do the City good, shape the culture and see Jesus worshipped, instead of a multitude of other idols. We are building a house for God ……..a temple, a refuge, a royal house!

In the Autumn of 2011 CCK became a ‘multi-site’ church (one church, many locations), and I have the privilege of leading our first new site in the West of the City (Shoreham). We’ve just moved into the area and are loving it already!  Two months in and we are regularly gathering 200+.

We are a child-free couple (not by choice), but are blessed to have many fathering and mothering opportunites in a fatherless (and motherless) generation.  Besides enjoying grace and mercy (ill-deserved), the other things I love are running, great food and wine, Brighton & Hove Albion (seagulls!), the National Trust, my lawn, golf, West Wing, and other cheesey stuff that makes me show my age!



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Very very cool

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