'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'

Multi-Site musings #8

We are three weeks into this incredible adventure!

One week there was not a church like ours in the centre of Shoreham…………..the next week 200+ are meeting regularly to worship Jesus.  Quite phenomenal!


What things have stuck out for me so far?

  • the multi-site model of doing church starts you from a position of tremendous strength (people, their gifts & resource)
  • members who were only partly keen for Sundays are now passionately serving with unbridled enthusiasm, freed from complacency
  • dormant leaders (been there done it, or lacking vision) have woken up, stood up, and wised up to the fact that they’re on mission
  • video preaching works
  • communities are watching us carefully, checking our motives, integrity and credibility
  • unbelievers are always present, they really are!

There will be loads more……


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  Richard Skipper wrote @

Jesus focussed ! People loved ! Connecting with Community ! Visited once left inspired ! 🙂 enough said in my prayers church 🙂

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