'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'

Multi-Site musings #5…

Last Sunday was a brilliant picnic time together in our local Shoreham park!  We had around 80 adults (plus voluminous offspring!) munching pork pies and the like.

Just looking around was a real thrill.  It occurred to me that our own Shoreham rabble, much like the early church, must have been a sight of curiousity to onlookers.  The strong community feel is magnetic, and whilst none of us is perfect (or have life sorted) there is a slot for us to fill.

With hospitality being the upcoming theme for the next few weeks at CCK (check the trailer here), let’s continue to work extra hard at being that welcoming, loving community that excludes nobody.

When did you last host a meal, or suggest a pub crawl, or whatever?  In my book, community doesn’t always come naturally to us.  It can be terrifying, or we can feel inadequate or out of place.  That’s why we dont rely on our own strength to pull it off, but trust God for the building of community and all of its challenges.  Go for it!  Kicking off multisite with this in our hearts will bring added steel to the launch of CCK Shoreham, which is now only a matter of weeks away on Sept 25th!

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