'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'


It’s Sunday morning, and I’ll shortly be bombing into the City centre to be with the gathered church community in our building in New England Street.  When we go three ways (Sites) in a short while (Shoreham & the Race Course), we’ll still be ‘one church’ together, just different locations reaching more people with the gospel.

Just had a week of TOAM (the Newfrontiers conference), and being the final one it was high on looking back and looking forward. For me personally it’s always a tremendous combination of privilege (that I would ever be connected to such a world-wide family), and comfort (in the real sense of the word – boot up backside), knowing that God doesnt need me but wants me to get my hands dirty for the Kingdom. Love it.

On Friday night we honoured Terry & Wendy Virgo who have shaped the lives of thousands (probably hundreds of thousands indirectly) around the globe in the gospel of grace (which is the gospel anyway!). A couple of hundred of us heard just a few but significant tributes, and it was a humbling night.

With September launch rushing toward us, these last few days have reminded me that :

  • I am a very weak man in need of Him and His strength
  • I have an ambassadorial mandate on my life (we all do!)
  • what might seem small in global terms (reaching Shoreham & surrounds) still has eternal consequences
  • I woudn’t want to give my life and energy to anything else and I’m grateful for the air I breathe

Right, that’s enough reflecting………..I’m off to the City centre!

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