'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'

Multi-Site musings #4…

After the TOAM Conference next week, we (at CCK) will be entering the final 10 weeks of planning and preparation for the launch of the Shoreham Site!

It was so encouraging this week to gather with a large number (100+) who will be launching with us, and for over 75% to sign up to serve in some way was just humbling and awesome.

There is a ton of prep going on (as you can imagine), and the team is motoring toward a high quality, Jesus-honouring start to this new God-appointed venture.

I love this church……….Jesus’ church.  This next phase for us is HUGE, but we have a God who is way bigger than we can imagine, way more committed than we could ever be, way more jealous for His glory than we muster.  That brings a peaceful confidence to my heart.  Hope it does to yours too…..

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