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More F.A.T. elders please…

Good title, eh?   No, I’m not making reference to unnecessary waistlines, or to the likely outcome of Easter excesses (ie. lack self-control amidst the feeding frenzy that is ‘Easter’ in our secular culture).

I had a wander around my local M&S today and, boy, there is a lot of choice food-consumption happening!

By FAT I mean Faithful, Available, Teachable.

The world needs more guys that are FAT…….and leading churches for that matter.

Next week we (CCK) have the privilege of appointing three new elders (well, its God who appoints) to the high servanthood role of guiding, guarding and governing.

These men are FAT! 

Here is a link to PJ Smyth’s  excellent paper on eldership…

Don’t eat too many chocolate eggs!


Multi-Site musings #3…

Going ‘multisite’ as a church is a challenge.  That’s the bottom line!

The nuts and bolts of delivery are numerous, let alone the vision-casting, communication of plans, taking good & faithful friends on a journey etc.

All of this requires us to be ‘multi-sighted’…….. Yes.  Taking a view that doesn’t mean all our personal preferences get met.  That’s what I call being ‘short-sighted’.

We must see this change as maximising gospel-impact.  That’s the goal, let’s not neglect it.

Our own journey has so far been exhilarating!  Here’s some of what we’ve learnt……

For your good, and His glory…

We are not unaware of the realities of human suffering.  In my particular experience right now, there seems to be an inordinate amount of it in the sphere in which I cover.

Without finding grace in the cross of Christ, we would be nowhere.

Here is an impacting, Christ-centered, God-honouring talk by Matt Chandler who is battling brain cancer.

His very real theology of suffering is essential for the shaping of our own response in the face of suffering.  We are eternally secure in Jesus…..