'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'

CCK Shoreham – Prayer/Fast Day #3

Top work if you’ve pushed through this far!

In fact, whatever you’ve managed, I’ve really appreciated the act of joint prayer and the sense of togetherness over these few days.  I know many of you have hooked up for mutual encouragement and trust that it’s been of benefit on many levels.

The reality is, the whole church are involved in this next phase of church life.  Retaining our identity as ‘one church’ will have it’s challenges, but we must fight for it.  ‘Strengthening and lengthening’ is what we are doing.

Ok, here is what to go for in prayer today………

~ for God to provide us with the perfect venue that meets all our needs and exceeds our expectations.  This is HUGE!  Please feel every permission to dream!

~ for a great few joint Zone gatherings together (1st one planned for May @ the Ropetackle) 

Thanks for ‘co-labouring’ in this short but valuable fast.  What’s next?  Lots of momentum building between now and the Autumn.  We’ll keep you posted on all the news…

And today?  Keep praying, get to your Zone meeting tonight (Adur or Harbour), enjoy God and each other, and expect Him to speak and show us favour.

It’s what He does for His people!

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