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Multi-Site musings #1

Over the next few months I’ll post a number of thoughts and musings about the subject of ‘multisite’ (being one church in multiple venues or locations), and our own trajectory in that direction as a church.  Matt Hosier helpfully (& quite  provocatively!) blogged on this a while back (here)

Back in October last year we (CCK eldership +) had the privilege of listening to the wisdom of Jim Tomberlain of as we press forward with our own transition to this model of doing church across a large and diverse conurbation.

Jim is THE world guru it seems, on all things multisite.  My wife Ali and I also hosted he and his lovely wife Deryl, and we drew tremendous personal encouragement from them over a proper ‘english’ (a curry of course!) on one evening.

At CCK we are launching our first new Sunday venue in the Autumn of this year in the West of the City, and the planning and prep are in full swing.

Here is a great article about the qualities required of a Site Leader (or Campus Pastor)….  Traits to look for

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