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Joseph…quite a guy! (Part 3)

Part 3 (Gen 41)

A dreamy chapter indeed!  Read it for yourself…….

Here are some lessons :

~   Joseph went from jail, straight into Pharaoh’s presence.  Circumstances can change for us so quickly, often without warning.  Are you ready for life changing events?  It wasn’t Joseph’s knowledge of dreams that helped him interpret them – it was his knowledge of God.  Digging into God will help you call on Him when opportunities come your way.

~   Give the credit to God.  Joseph knew that it was God who had given him the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams – and he was quick to point out that God should get the credit!

~   After interpreting the dreams, he provided a practical blueprint for the nations survival against famine.  Don’t despise the planner!  Planning is a gift (administration / strategy) from God, and a huge responsibility.  Take the time to translate God’s plan for you into practical action.

~   Pharaoh was able to see that Joseph was under the favour of God and his ‘divine spirit’ (vs 38) was on show for all to see.  You might not interpret dreams in your life but allowing other to see God ‘in you’ is a worthy goal.  Do your family, friends, work colleagues see the spirit of God in you?

~   Joseph went from the ‘pit to the palace’!  Whatever his lot, he considered it as training for a greater good.  What an attitude!  Whatever your situation, consider it part of God’s commitment to you to make you more like His son and able to use you  greatly.

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