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A pastor’s toil (joy!)…

If you believe that the local church is God’s agent for reaching cities & communities with the gospel (we do at CCK), then you’ll also recognise the gifts that are given to the local church to accomplish this task.  Pastoring is one of them.

My tongue is firmly in my cheek as I use the word ‘toil’ in the title of this post………because I actually mean ‘joy’.

If you are a busy pastor (paid or unpaid) there is a reality that flocks need shepherding…… and it’s hard work!  So in one sense it certainly is toil.

But the joy I speak of (or satisfaction, thrill, pleasure) is the reward of hard labour (toil).  It’s the fruit of helping people to apply the gospel to their lives in an atmosphere of grace and accountability (Christian community).

The pastors joy comes when you see men & women :

~ allowing the truth of the gospel to shape their attitude & perspective on life

~ leaning on truth (of who they actually are in Christ) rather than lies that suggest otherwise

~ turning from consumers into cultivators & producers in the context of local church

Ok, for those of you ‘toiling away’, here are some great tips for practical pastoring.  Not originally my own, but nonetheless appreciated and implemented appropriately :

  • Beware ministry stereotypes
  • Be yourself
  • Remember the goal of pastoral ministry
  • Be full of the word and full of the spirit
  • Relate to people primarily on the basis of what you have personally seen, heard or discerned
  • Set boundaries when appropriate
  • Never make a vow of secrecy
  • Help people to take responsibility
  • Help people to take action
  • Check out the basics
  • Make use of resources
  • Know when you are getting out of your depth
  • Recognise there is rarely one key to a complex situation
  • Do not make promises you cannot keep, but keep the ones you do
  • Always take a suicide threat seriously
  • Do not see women alone

Credit goes to Steve Walford (fellow CCK elder). Check him out here…