'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'

Why is Easter important?

In our increasingly secular society, here are some ‘surveyed’ implications of this annual down-time season :

~ time off from the routine of work (unless double-bubble is on offer!)

~ chocolate in abundance (which can make your clothes shrink!)

~ it’s when Jesus layed an egg or something, right?

~ an excuse to stuff one’s face with food (since Christmas)

~ a DIY opportunity to mess up over 4 days

Depressed yet?  Actually, I Wiki’d the question, ‘Why is Easter important?’ and remarkably there were none of the usual pat answers (see above) that leave the average Christian rolling their eyes, but it said ‘Because Jesus Christ rose from the dead’.

So this Easter, try to answer the following questions (answers in the bible):

~ Who was (is) Jesus Christ?

~ Why did He have to die and who killed Him?

~ How did He rise from the dead?

~ Is He still alive?

Having performed this simple exercise, thank God for Jesus this Easter…….

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