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Things Mum taught me…

Yes, you’re right, I’ve timed this post to coincide with Mothering Sunday where we all get slushy about our Mum’s, and some of us even buy them tat at extortionate prices (perhaps to relieve our consciences?).

These days you cant even raid the garden for daffs because of the genuine winter we’ve had which has kept them wisely hidden away!  Are the daffs and retailers involved in some kind of conspiracy against us Sons and Daughters??

Anyway, I’m not going to get into that debate (how consumerism consumes us), but I did want to rattle off some aspects of notable worth for which my Mum needs hearty thanks. It’s by no means exhaustive, and probably quite random, but personal to me nonetheless.

Mum, circa 1970

My Mum taught me :

~ to butter toast effectively, making sure the crust edges are covered meaning they are more likely to be eaten along with the rest

~ that the wooden spoon was to be feared above all things!  Just the rattle of the drawer where it was kept was enough to get me repenting at pace!

~ to consider the needs of others before my own (still working on that one)

~ that hospitality is not just a choice but a lifestyle

~ that the (irrational) fear of man is part of the experience of growing up, but the (healthy) fear of God is how wisdom gets developed

~ to prize integrity which brings favour from God and man

~ not to be a consumer, but a fruit-bearing cultivator / producer

~ that Jesus is alive!

~ that scripture is like a plumbline that we hold up against the stuff of life. (‘Dont let this book of the law depart from your lips…. Joshua 1’)

Mum, circa 2010

There’s loads more……….thanks Mum!