'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'

One body, many members…(Part Four)

Part Four   ‘Earnestly desire the greater gifts’  (vs.31)  (Click here if you missed part 3)

This is the final instalment of study.  Did you know that your gifts are chosen for you by the Holy Spirit?  No matter what you desire, you are not going to get it unless the Holy Spirit has already chosen it for you!

It’s important here to realise that in this verse Paul is addressing the whole church and not individuals, as if one could collect a ‘full set’ of desired gifts.  He is talking to the local Corinthian church and saying that as an assembly they should desire to have in their midst a good selection of the gifts that edify.

He’s saying that the best gifts are those that are most useful to the congregation, rather than those that are the most gratifying in a spectacular sense to you as an individual.

The spiritual gifts given to each person by the Holy Spirit are special abilities that are to be used to minister to the needs of the body of believers.  There are many gifts, and individuals have different gifts.  Some people have more than one gift!

It’s important to remember that one gift is not superior to another.  All the gifts come from the Holy Spirit, and their purpose is to build up Christ’s body, the church.

The gifts are given to enable us to achieve in increasing degree, by mutual exercise, the fruit of the Spirit.  It’s the fruit that God is after, and every congregation should be much more concerned with the fruit or outcome of the spiritual activity than they are with the gifts of the Spirit.

The authentic church, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is vibrant and stunning!

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