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Grey hair or baldness?

Grey hair or baldness?  Funny what you think about during the Christmas holidays!  But interestingly the bible has something to say about both….

Grey hair (my happy experience)……is earned!  Click here if you don’t believe me!

Yeah baby!

Here’s the deal.  As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die (boo!).  When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become a more transparent color – like grey, silver, or white – as it grows.  As we get older, fewer pigment cells will be around to produce melanin.  Eventually, the hair will look completely grey.

People get grey hair at any age. Some people go grey at a young age – as early as when they are in school, whereas others may be in their 30’s or 40’s before they see that first grey hair.  How early we get grey hair is determined by our genes.  This means that most of us will start having grey hairs around the same age that our parents or grandparents first did (check ’em out, quick!).

Some people think that a big shock or trauma can turn a person’s hair white or grey overnight, but scientists don’t really believe that this happens.  Just in case, try not to freak out your parents too much!

Baldness?  Well, it’s an idolatrous practice according to Lev 21:5.  Or a terrible judgement in Jeremiah 48:37.  And Elisha was ridiculed by kids in 2Kings 2:23!  I’m beginning to prefer the grey hair thing…….


Just checked out my Dad who has a delightful thatch aged 68, not thinning in any way.  But like my mum, he has white hair.  Ok, presumably that’s how it goes when the grey fades.  I’m cool with that!


Three trees at Christmas…

Tis the season to be jolly!  That’s the mood being pressed upon us by the culture at this time of year, and I guess you can look at it in a number of ways.  From a secular standpoint it’s any old excuse for a jolly (alcohol-induced, mind-numbing, drown-your-sorrows-away kinda jolly), especially in depressed economic conditions where finances are not only tight, but uncertain.  This type of ‘jolly’ is characterised by denial and hopelessness.  Charming!

Or there’s the ‘three trees’ perspective:

Tree Number One – In the perfection of Eden there was a tree (of knowledge of good & evil).  ‘Enjoy everything else but don’t touch this tree’ was God’s command.  But Eve was deceived, and ate. There stood Adam, passively watching, abdicating all responsibility, and eventually also partaking.  This tree produced death.

Tree of Knowledge

Tree Number Two – Then there was a tree which, upon face value, looked like death again.  But the life of the God-man who was nailed to this tree was perfect (unlike the first Adam) and pleasing to God.  His death on a tree of His own substituted for ours.  It’s death we deserve, but He (God) made Him (Jesus) who knew no sin, to be sin for us that in Him (Jesus), we might become the righteousness of God.  An amazing tree!

Jesus' tree

Tree Number Three – It’s the one in my living room.  Isn’t it weird that we should bring a tree into the house!  Apparently there is some argument about whether it was 16th Century Scandanavian pagans or Christians who first adorned their trees and brought them into their homes.  But I’m not worried about the origins of the tradition (pagan or otherwise), because for me the gifts around the tree always remind me of tree number two where the ultimate gift was given.  Jesus’ gift of life.

Christmas tree

So, is it the season to be jolly?  It certainly is……delighted for the gift of Jesus.

Snow joke….

Cheesy title, I know.  But it was just to get you to check out this cracking little feature on my blog where you can actually make it snow!  Is it snowing yet??  Easily pleased you might say.  You’d be right, because I love snow, fake or otherwise.  It used to snow in Brighton when I were a lad, but not now (rev 18.12.09 – we had 4″ last night!)

I know people whose theologies stretch to praying for parking spaces (ooh, that was harsh!).  Well that prayer doesn’t work in Brighton (highest revenue-generating City for parking in the nation!) …………but I am unashamedly praying for snow!

Actually, it’s the mammouth carbon-footprints (of these exact same people who are trying to park in Brighton) that has put paid to any decent snow in the UK anymore!  They’ve raised the overall global temperature by a degree or two, so all we get is a bit of slush to throw at each other.

I’m always amazed by the fact that each flake is individual and unique from another.  A typical snowflake begins by forming around a speck of dust.  From this unassuming beginning, it grows into a tiny hexagonal prism, just a few microns in size.  The initial symmetry of the snowflake results from the intrinsic molecular structure of ice.

Utterly unique...

As the crystal grows, it’s often blown about in the sky.  The air and temperature around the crystal are constantly changing.  Snowflakes are extremely sensitive, and even a small change in these conditions can lead to different growth patterns.

The final shape of the crystal reflects these growth conditions. The longer the snowflake is blown about in the skies, the more complex the resulting snow crystal.  No two crystals have the same history so they don’t grow in the same way.  As a result, no two have ever been the same, or ever will be.  Amazing!  With my biblical worldview, it motivates me to worship.  Simple as that.

To really appreciate the beauty of snow, try the Alps.  Or leave my blog open on your laptop and enjoy the flurry!

Rather stunning!