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Moleskine phenomenon….

Is it just me or has Moleskine made a fabulous comeback?  It seems as though everywhere I look (coffee shops, offices, schools, pubs etc.) I spot these delightfully smart items being used by the modern man or woman about town.

Moleskine is of course the legendary notebook that the European artists and intellectuals who made twentieth-century culture used.  Matisse, Céline, Hemingway, Chatwin and other chaps I know very little about, picked up this tradition and made it famous.

A simple black rectangle pad with squared or lined pages, endleaves held by an elastic band, an inside pocket for loose sheets, a binding in ‘moleskine’ which gives it its name, this trusty, pocket-size traveling companion guarded notes, stories, thoughts and impressions before they were typed up into their trusty laptops.

Chatwin, indeed, used to buy his Moleskines at a Paris stationery shop in Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie.  He always stocked up on them before travelling and once declared, ‘Losing my passport was the least of my worries, losing a Moleskine was a catastrophe’.

In 1986, the last producer, a small family concern in Tours closed down.  Now, the Moleskine is back again, to satisfy the cultural demand once more.  Could this be due to a mutiny against technology?  No, it’s just for folk who are 40-something and not as Mac savvy as the younger generation.

High quality notebook for pastors…

Of course, the other place you will spot a Moleskine notebook is at a Newfrontiers church or conference of some sort.  It perfectly accompanies the standard NF Pastors kit-bag (including a MacBook Pro, iphone and a smart pair of specs).  The Moleskine is indeed fast becoming the essential accessory of 2009.

Just a bit of a leg pull!  Bought one myself recently.  Really nice they are.  So much so, I bought a bulk pack to hand out to my fellow pastors (all of whom are 40-something)…..

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  Rachael wrote @

Back in the day Moleskin trousers were extremely comfortable for hiking in – My Mum had a pair and I remember thinking I could never wear a pair made from the skin of those cute furry animals – of course this is not the case! I too have a Moleskin a universal necessity.

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