'For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord….'

15 years…

Ali and I celebrate (yes, that’s right…celebrate!) 15 years of marriage today.  Easy ride?  Nope.  Hard work?  Yep.  Worth it?  Absolutely!  Why?  Because stuff God designs and ordains is always worth it.

Even in circumstances that result from sin and a fallen world (and our own daft choices), God’s framework for life is awesome and fulfilling.  Check out Isaiah 1:1-20  to get a feel for God’s invitation to you.  It’s not a threat, it’s a promise!

On a day like today I remind myself of the profound mystery of marriage (sometimes very mysterious!) and how Jesus laid his life down for the church as an example to us.  What a model!  Oh dear!  Messed that up a few times…  Thank you Jesus for showing me ‘how’ with your perfect performance, for being patient and forgiving in my mistakes, and for giving me a great wife! 

And this one is for you married (and aspiring) chaps…….things Ali and I attempt to do (at least try to..) in order to keep the fire stoked, courtesy of Word for Today (50 tips for marriage)

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  Stephen wrote @

wow, 15 years! you guys are such a good example to us young uns, may you enjoy the next 15 and beyond!

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